As a committed and responsible supplier to EU, we cater to demands of our European customers by supplying REACH registered products from quality conscious Asian manufacturers. Our REACH MSDS shall provide required exposure limits for substances asper REACH regulation.

Brief history of the company

Chemsynth Corporation is exporter of chemicals raw material based in Mumbai, India.

The origin of Chemsynth as the name suggests lies in the chemical synthesis. The company was established in 2008 with intention to cater needs of sourcing chemical raw materials exclusively from India. Chemsynth Corporation is family owned business established and managed by technically qualified promoters and support team. Promoter Mr. B S Dalal has more than 25 years’ experience having successfully established , run and managed multi products and multi-location plants of manufacturing organic intermediates and specialty chemicals and catering to needs of multinational companies as well as small and medium enterprises across the globe.

Our core team has experience in research and development in pharmaceutical and specialty chemical raw materials , manufacturing and scaling up of chemicals production , international marketing and logistics to finance .

In recognition of our efforts, government of India has recognized Chemsynth Corporation as first category export house enjoying special benefits in fast track custom clearances of export cargo and other benefits.

Next generation of family has now entered and taking company to new horizons with scaling up of international distribution of chemical raw materials with special focus on sourcing from India .


We believe there is no such thing as compromise in quality of product and service just as there can be no compromises in our values in life. Having vast experience in chemical production and quality control , we are able to source products exclusively from qualified sources who understand export commitments in quality and quantity .

We work closely with manufacturing plants and their infrastructure to identify and fulfill customer needs in quality parameters with special focus on impurity levels and isomers contents and packing .

Our logistics team comprises of qualified people who take utmost care during palletization and stuffing of containers of export cargo and other special needs such as bulk packing , IBC containers , labeling as per customer requirements etc. Our focus on quality helps us in retaining our customers with satisfaction .

Affordability and competitiveness

Our techno commercial core team members keep track of feedstock price movements both in India and International market on regular basis. This combined with our financial strength enables us to keep a step ahead of most competitors in understanding and prompt action in market movements of key raw materials.

We play a central role in chemical supply chain for our customers and with our suppliers. With honest dealings and transparent policies , our relationships with large and qualified suppliers in India enable us to source and supply raw materials and intermediates for our loyal customers at affordable and competitive prices adding value to their business.

The diversity of our business encompasses sourcing & marketing of existing chemicals and contract manufacturing of new or customized products.


Time is money and we take this slogan very seriously. Having plant -production experience ourselves, we fully understand the strain of loss of production and loss of customer.

We strive very hard to meet ETD targets of vessels and ETA dates of the customers. Our distribution and logistics team takes special care and at times incur extra costs so as not to miss these target dates. At times , when things are beyond our control , we are transparent with our customers and advise them to take urgent steps to avoid loss of precious production and values .

Message from the CEO
Fulfillment of quality and commitment are core values of our business.

We are an enterprise driven by these values, knowledge and relationships. These values reflected in our professional team enabling us to grow in competitive environment.

We invest in customer relationships and strive hard to grow it by performance backed results and perseverance. Our satisfied customers are most important contributors to our success.

Chemsynth has a strong network of associated partners and customers in many countries across Asia including Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, China, Middle East including UAE, Iran, Israel, North America, Europe including western and Eastern Europe and Africa.

I invite you to our ever growing field of network to enjoy mutual benefits and happiness.

    Our company offers chemical raw materials for the following industry
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Cosmetics and Personal care
  • Organic Pigments for cosmetics
  • Organic intermediates for Dyes and pigments
  • Pharmaceutical APIand Intermediates.
  • Lubricant raw materials
  • Industrial Chemicals