Chemical Name Cas No Application Specifications MSDS
Meta nitrobenzene sulfonate (powder and  granules) 127-68-4 Mild oxidizing agents
Optical brightening agent  -- Textile and Paper brightener
Sodium formaldehyde  sulfoxylate ( powder or  grains ) 79-25-4 Stripping and discharge
Benzalkonium chloride 50 % 63449-41-2 Regarding  agent
Sodium naphthalene formaldehyde  condensate 36290-04-7 Dispersing agent
Cationic softener flakes


Sodium hydrosulphite 16721-80-5 Strong Reducing Agent Stripping of Vat Dyes
Coning oil 143-19-1 Emulsified antistatic agent for fibers.
Spin finish oil for PP fibres 63148-57-2 wetting agent for PP fibers
Sodium trichloro acetate 650-51-1 Resist printing auxiliary