Message From CEO

Fulfillment of quality and commitment are core values of our business .

We are an enterprise driven by these values, knowledge and relationships. These values reflected in our professional team enable us to grow in competitive environment.

We invest in customer relationships and strive hard to grow it by performance backed results and perseverance. Our satisfied customers are most important contributors to our success.

Chemsynth has a strong network of associated partners and customers in many countries across Asia, Middle East, North America, Europe and Africa.

I invite you to our ever growing field of network to enjoy mutual benefits and happiness .

    Our company offers chemical raw materials for the following industry
  • Paints, Coatings chemicals
  • Pigments and Waxes
  • Textile and Leather Chemicals
  • Cosmetics, Detergents and Disinfectant chemicals
  • Food and Feed Additives
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil and Lubricants
  • Food Additives
  • Industrial Chemicals